import substitution

The Russian economy is largely due to the large dependence of the national economy from foreign suppliers. In this regard, today is particularly topical issue import substitution becomes.

NPF "Nevsky Crystal" by executing the program of import substitution, offers electrolysis plants of Russian-made, fully complying with international standards.

The import substitution program designed NPF "Nevsky Crystal" includes an integrated approach to the creation of high-tech products for all industrial enterprises:
- Technical advice on the selection of import substitution electrolysis plants.
- Standard solutions for process water treatment.
- Individual projects at the request of customers, taking into account the specificity of the object.

Benefits of the program of import substitution NPF "Nevsky Crystal":
- The optimum level of prices due to our own production.
- High quality products, confirmed the positive feedback of customers.
- Prompt delivery of products and spare parts.

SPF "Nevsky Crystal" has experience replacing electrolysis plants for water disinfection with sodium hypochlorite following manufacturers: Selcoperm, ProMinent, OSEC, Grundfos, Dinotec.

Our goal is not to isolate themselves from the outside world, and to enter world markets.