About Us

Scientific and Production Company "Nevsky crystal" specializes in works on designing, manufacturing and commissioning "turnkey" serial electrolysis plants EPM, integrated supply and installation of manufactured customized specific to the object.

   The team of authors is more than 17 - years of experience in the field of electrochemical method of water disinfection. In its technical solutions, we focus on advanced technology, reliable and proven effective in practice equipment.

   A unique series of small-sized portable electrolysis installations and periodic flowing type, as well as direct electrolysis plants nonchemical water treatment of various capacities, providing reception and dosing nizkokontsentrirovanogo electrolytic sodium hypochlorite on-site consumption, easy to use, working automatically, without the presence of staff, allowing refuse dangerous to use chlorine.

NPF "Nevsky crystal" provides its customers with:
Preliminary work:

expert advice;
Development of technical and commercial proposals;
rapid analysis of water;
development of project documentation;

 Production and delivery of:

modular systems for the production of sodium hypochlorite.
Complex supply of equipment decontamination.

 Warranty and service:

warranty for 24 months;
service during the entire lifetime.

Delivery of spare parts and consumables:

Equipment for pots;
pumping equipment;
instrumentation equipment;
filter download.

Training and technical advice to operating personnel.

tel. (812) 929-30-69