Electrolysis stations


 The design of the electrolysis plant uses the latest energy-efficient self-cleaning electrolytic technology that allows an order to increase the duration of continuous operation without routine maintenance for cleaning the electrode stack. Also developed a special coating anodes ORT composite coating, which increases the duration of the operation of the cell without changing the coating of anodes at least 5 years (when the clock settings).


 Automatic electrolysis plants EPM (feedstock - salt)


Parameter value indices
 1 Performance active chlorine in kg / day 0.1 kg of active chlorine per day to 1000 kg
 2  Mark electrolytic type  EPO flow
 3 Mass concentration of active chlorine, g / l from 8,0
 4  Mode  continuous
 5  Reagents for preparing a solution of salt  - salt food table, sort1;
- water
 6  Specific salt intake, kg / kg of active chlorine  3,5
 7  Specific electricity consumption, kWh / kg of active chlorine  4,5
 8  Power supply  220, 380
 9  Power consumption, kW  depending on the type of installation
 10 Dimensions D-W-B, mm 1600*600*1500, 2500*800*1800,

 The composition of the electrolysis unit:

    - Electrolyser;
    - Remote control and signaling;
    - Rectifier;
    - Hypochlorite tank;
    - A tank of salt solution;
    - Metering pump salt solution;
    - Metering pump of sodium hypochlorite;
    - Control sensors;
    - Flowmeter;
    - Fan pressure;
    - Automatic flow.